Blaque Falcon Introduces...Knitwear Additions

Blaque Falcon Introduces...Knitwear Additions

There isn’t a better time for knitwear items to be exuded than during these winter months. This is the period where simplicity and comfort is needed all the more and there isn’t much time to dwell on finding the right outfit. You just want something that’s comfortable and works.

Our first season collection boasted of the Falcon Embroidered and printed hoodies which immediately signified our brand identity. We consistently get positive feedback on its comfort, durability and its timeless quality which was my initial intention moving ahead with Blaque Falcon. This was further cemented by our Unisex Sweatshirts which provided the exact same function, but I personally consider it a great garment to have for prime home leisure.

Season Two included the Falcon Knitted Sweatshirt, which introduced our foray into the knitwear spectrum. Season Three however takes our knitwear game to another dimension. This year we introduce our first ever line of cardigans – each embroidered with the royal golden-brown emblem of The Falcon. I’m very excited about bringing out this garment, as a cardigan can very easily be used to support layering for formal wear, or it can also support any casual occasion you may be in.

Our Season Three collection is further complimented by our Half-Zip Pullovers, which can provide a simple and comfortable addition to your wardrobe. We also finally have our fresh new line of sweatshirts that are made with 100% lambswool. Difficult to go wrong with any of the above as they are simply quality extensions to the Blaque Falcon story.  

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