Blaque Falcon Season One Photoshoots

Blaque Falcon Season One Photoshoots

Lights. Cameras…and we lifted off to action! The first ever Blaque Falcon Season One shoot kicked off on Saturday 20th May at RiDa Studios in Shoreditch, East London. Despite the weather troubles, the shoot was an overwhelming success. Looking at the result of the look book brochure, you wouldn’t think that some of the models were inexperienced! The shoot itself, was shot in two parts: E-commerce and Look Book. These were shot by up coming creative photographers Declan Mckenna (who also modelled) and Jack Lindengray.

The E-Commerce was shot in a simple white background of the studio itself. These are the shots that you see in the product areas of the website. The Look Book was shot by the main cobbled road on Blossom Street, just outside the studio. Rain befell us a little bit, so we had an intermission to let the rain die down and we simply carried on. You’ll find on some of the shots that we utilised the grey-industrial style of the area, to authentically show the brick and mortar atmosphere of East London.

The second shoot was taken in a new foreign land to me – Frankfurt, Germany. I travelled to the city of Mainz to shoot the second part of Season one with Ricardo Sorzano, another up and coming creative, with plenty of ambition and drive. You certainly see the contrast of the photography with both shoots. Firstly in Mainz the weather was a major improvement and of course a different set of models too, so other than visiting a new country, and exploring new land, we managed to create a variety shots altogether to contrast the environments to show where the Blaque Falcon Clothing Season One clothing line can be utilised in.

This was what I initially envisioned for the first season of clothing: keep it simple, but sweet. Show the audience that the origins of the brand started from the street, no matter what country you’re in or culture you’ve embraced. You can say that it’s a street brand, and it is precisely that, but you can also tell that there’s also plenty of potential for an aggressive expansion.

 You can find the behind the scenes video footage of both shoots here.

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