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      The Falcon Five Pillars of Health 

      Part of the Blaque Falcon story is to promote higher thinking and living. We know that the Falcon wings represent higher vision for one's self, and we've consistently expressed this through our garments and literature. Now we are representing another arm to our story through The Falcon Five Pillars of Health.

      1. Nutrition What we put into our bodies is essential for optimum health and bodily function.
      2. Hydration Our human bodies are made of mostly water. Hydrate yourself with enough water to remove the common craving of unhealthy snacks.
      3. Spirituality - With the abundance of information available to us, some of us have forgotten our true source of power. Look inward for your internal wealth rather than outward.
      4. Sleep - Essential for holistic recovery of mind, body and spirit. 7-8 hours a day of sleep will assist in day-to-day activities and improve mood.
      5. Exercise - Much more easier said than done, daily exercise gives the heart the work it needs to pump blood around the body. Great for goal setting and mood control.

      Come along and join us in making One Simple Change here