Season Two Collection Fashion/Video Shoot

Season Two Collection Fashion/Video Shoot

Last weekend I had the pleasure of working alongside a super collaborative team, putting together a shoot for the emerging clothing brand, Blaque Falcon. Although, on this occasion I wasn’t the Stylist, I was the ‘Fashion Journalist’. This role meant I got to take backstage photographs and do a general write up of the day… yes, it was right up my street!


The opportunity came about simply through social networking. Founder, Ikenna Nwimo, got in touch with me via my website (, which is linked into my Instagram bio. My site is mainly focused on showcasing my fashion styling portfolio, with a blog alongside. By “blog” I just mean me chatting away in a diary style, pretending the entire Internet can’t see it! I am one who writes and photographs as a hobby, just to let ideas and thoughts out. Therefore, it is not something I do regularly, nor do I think highly of my posts/ promote them. However, to have my blogging recognised and referred to as “talent” by Ikenna, came as a really pleasant surprise.

Blaque Falcon as a brand is really strong. I’ve used the word “strong” because there is so much meaning and drive behind it, from past to present, unlike any brand I’m aware of.


The shoot was presenting Season 2 clothing, a huge and exciting leap forward for the brand. There is really distinctive growth from Season 1, with movement from Women’s T-shirts and tops into crop tops, Mens sweats and T-shirts into polos and shirts (all being unisex by the way). Oh and, outerwear is out! Bombers of three colours, chinos, you name it. Blaque Falcon has got it!

I think the unisex factor makes the brand extremely unique, also experimenting with both smart and casual…why not? It’s reaching out to a seriously wide audience through these smart decisions and I’m ready to watch the brand completely take off.



To ensure the Season 2 line was promoting it’s hype and new intentions to the target audience, both a photoshoot and fashion film was put together for this one day.
Below we have the team, which can I add was extremely enthusiastic:
Ikenna Nwimo:
Blaque Falcon founder & Model
Jason Bent:
Founder of Simply Xclusive Entertainment & SheSoSXE Model Agency
Director of shoot
Adrianne Derizzio- Palmer:
SXE Photographer
Jennifer Augusto:
Cess, Deisy Andriesse, Marie- Louise
Models (SheSoSXE agency)
Sallie Jayne
W Model Management
Fashion Journalist

Something that really stood out to me and was pretty special from the entire day was how fun each team member was. Everybody wanted to be there, everyone was genuinely enjoying him or herself and was fully engaged.

Being a Stylist, I have attended many shoots and don’t get me wrong; they have all been successful for different reasons. However, the unique element of this shoot was the fact that everyone was happy to be helping each other, positive, energetic and incredibly organised overall. For example, it was great to see each model really confidently wearing their Blaque Falcon outfits, something that will definitely be reflected in the outcomes. It’s teams like this that provide the best support for each other.


The location for this shoot was ideal. It’s always good to know plenty of studios from my perspective. We shot in Brixton, in an open, perfect sized studio that was incredibly well equipped and well kept. Pretty much everything needed was provided, allowing the day to continue running smooth.

Sadly I could not attend the fashion film part of the day, which was carried out in the nearby park. However, the way the day was running, I have no doubt the atmosphere continued to be incredibly lively. I cannot wait to see all he outcomes, especially after seeing it all put together. I hope if you’re reading this that you’re just as excited!

Please continue to scroll for more behind the scenes photos…






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