Dominance of M.I.N.D.

Dominance of M.I.N.D.

Dominance of M.I.N.D

How important is our mind? What is destiny? As much as I really don’t wish to over indulge your attention with anything too fanciful or esoteric, these are questions I don’t believe enough of us ask ourselves. We have so much to deal with in our everyday lives (bills, work commitments, social gatherings, family etc.) that it’s incredibly easy to forget to take a deep internal look into ourselves. The pressures we deal with everyday are so common, so transient to our being, that we've simply accepted these pressures as part of our reality and existence. In my own experience, I can say that it was only when I started looking into myself, did I come to the realisation of how infinite we really are as a human race.


Too metaphysical for you? Let me explain. If you were to have your job, possessions, and other essentials taken away from you, what would you consider yourself? How important are these so called ‘trinkets’ if they can be easily taken away from you - as in you don’t find out who you really are until the illusion of your ‘reality’ peels itself away from you. The point I’m driving here is that we start off finding who we are by questioning. Deep down you may have already known that everything around you is mental, but the luxury of having a smartphone and an online streaming service is so tasteful, that even the thought of these things being taken away from you seems crazy. It's now part of your reality, like your daily routine of going to work and eating the same microwave dinner every night.


So is this what dominates our minds on a day-to-day basis? Working and scrambling to make enough money, to pay for things you may not need, in expense for your time and maybe your own peace of mind? These are the distractions that subvert us away from who we really are towards a collective unconscious - an unassuming avatar and meme consuming what’s being fed to us daily. In my first novel DRAX, and especially in my upcoming book Heath, you’d find that the protagonists both have their usual mundane realities spun around to force them to see inside themselves. I believe this has happened to us a few times in each of our journey’s. We go about our everyday lives doing what we normally do, then an unsuspecting event comes out nowhere and slaps us into submission, forcing us to act in unusual ways to get us out of the hole we’re in. It’s only then that we find out how amazing and powerful we really are. That’s the dominance of MIND I’m referring to - it’s the level of FOCUS we apply to get ourselves out of the rut. Well why don’t we transfer this energy into achieving our desired reality instead of reacting to whatever life throws at us?


Let's throw ourselves into life and see what it gives us back. This is how I define the meaning of M.I.N.D:


Matter: The physical substance or circumstance that is formed when thought and intention are balanced correctly.


Intending or Intention: the cause of the thought


Noetic - The mental plane of intellect


Destiny - The destiny of where your thoughts take you.


We’ve all heard of the Law of Attraction, and how it can transform your life. In my view, all of this is well and true – but an aspect that I believe is usually overlooked is the critical importance of understanding and ‘inner’standing your own thought patterns. So much emphasis has been put on mental health and wellbeing which is great to see, but I always question for what aim? What would be great to find out, is whether the promotion of mental health charities and events improve the persons who require help in comprehending their thinking.


The Dominance of M.I.N.D. is the actualization of who you are – seeing everything that you interface with as a direct reflection of what’s been going on in your mind. This is the powerhouse of your destiny, the genie lamp of Aladdin that grants your every wish. Simply assume you already are or own what you say you want to be in your life and see what happens. You might bump into someone who presents an opportunity to you, that leads to another. Your train to work leaves later than originally scheduled, but while waiting you receive a phone call that directs you to that thing that if that train departed on time, you wouldn’t have been able to receive. You get the point. This is truly a world filled with infinite possibilities. This is how the divine intelligence of human existence operates – you don’t stress, worry or fret about anything, because you know deep down that everything is already manifesting to the point of what you want into the recesses of your M.I.N.D.


Love and Light,


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