Freedom through Self-Discipline

Freedom through Self-Discipline

Whenever we come across the term ‘self-discipline’, we often picture a vivid image of someone breaking a sweat, waking up at an unprecedented time in the morning and ‘grinding out results’. While this may empower, but also put off a few people, I thought I’d delve into my own understanding and inner-standing of what freedom actually is. The initial concept of freedom sounds and feels pleasant to the average Joe, but an element that isn’t considered is the level of maturity that is required to reach the flexibility of being ‘free’.

I’ve written on a few posts of my writing process for both of my books, as it’s usually a test of your own mental patience and perseverance to see long-winded projects through to the end. However, this where the importance of self-commitment comes into play, and the root to this all is discipline. Discipline separates the wan-trepreneurs from the entrepreneurs, the people that battle through everyday adversity to ensure that their loved ones are safe, sound and secure. It also most definitely calls out who the posers are against the authentic movers and shakers.


We’ve all been there though haven’t we? An opportunity presents itself to us in some form, which requires an effort of commitment and perhaps discomfort. Sometimes, the very thought of even carrying out this work is so demeaning, that you don’t do it. This is where self-deprecating thoughts can come and make their welcome: “I should’ve done this, I could’ve done that”. Guilt is not an emotion to succumb and dwell too much in, for you can easily find yourself in a seemingly never ending defeatist spiral, bumping yourself from wall to wall.

The solution to this common issue is easier said than done, but this is the threshold that must be crossed in order to reach your own personal 'promised land' so to speak. Constantly reminding yourself why you do what you do - be it to improve your present circumstances, or simply a change of fortune, is a logical incentive to push for self-imposed discipline.

Winning is for Grown-Ups

This is where the maturity that I mentioned earlier comes into full force. It takes a mature individual to be fully cognizant of their personal shortcomings - not from a place of fear or scarcity, but as a stepping stone for something greater and grander for themselves. You used to be at point A, but now you're at point B, and there's nowhere to go but up.

From here on end, you begin to feel a sense of flightiness, like nothing can stop you except an extenuating circumstance, that on most occasions we can't avoid. Your skills and confidence continues to grow, while you maintain a momentum in your practice. This is why goal setting is a great way to build up self-belief in yourself, and the best part about it all, is that it came from an authentic and genuine source: yourself.

Creating Blaque Falcon came from a place internally within myself that had to be expressed. I already knew I had the creativity and the talent to produce all that you see today. It was only inevitable that a hot-fresh clothing and publishing brand would all of a sudden take flight and become that it is now. Bespoke creations, whether it's a new brand, business, book etc. are essential for pushing communities, and overall humanity in the direction that it requires for our descendants to enjoy and make the most out of. The first step to doing this, is having the courage to at the very least, start, then the moulding process of your self-discipline begins.

Love, and light


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