Ahead of the Game

Ahead of the Game

A common question that's asked of anyone whenever a height of success that is reached is usually that of 'what's next?'. Immediately a shred of doubt peels through, as we all understand the common pressure and expectation of creating something new for the audience. Call it a form of writers' block if you like. I can tell you in my experience, that I haven't experienced such block during my time in drafting my novels. All of what I've done so far, comes from a very distinct place of vulnerability within myself. Emotions are high, my immediate environment appears low, and I only have myself to depend on to pull through.

This is the exact ingredient necessary to staying on top of yourself and being ahead of the game. Past judgements and experiences tend to pull us back, as I've written previously before, and our TRUE strength lies in overcoming those traumas, and pushing forward despite these self-imposed obstacles. Staying ahead of the game means just that - the game that's constantly being played on your mind. Your interactions with others, the successes, the failures, the hurdles you've overcome all can serve or hinder you - depending on how you use them.

Do you allow your past success to make you grow soft for future challenges, or do you find a way to stay hungry despite your internal accolades? Do you allow your failure to stop you trying something new, or do you use the pain experienced as fuel to your internal fire to push on for something great. These are things that we all subconsciously ask ourselves everyday, sometimes without our own knowledge. This is what separates the pigeons to the Falcons and the Lions to the Antelope.

2021, like every other year will present challenges to Blaque Falcon, but we'll be ready as ever, for it's the uncomfortable challenges that bring out the best in us.

Love and Light,


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