2020: A Look Back to the Future

2020: A Look Back to the Future

While I can very much jump on to the complexities of the year events, I’d rather focus on the year’s achievements, and end our final Blaque Falcon magazine entry post on a high positive note. We all know how much of an unprecedented time this has been for all of us, but in light of all of this, I can write that we still came out of 2020 with success and very little damage done to us despite the obvious circumstances. I write the above with balance of conviction and humility, for I’m of the thorough understanding that others may still be enduring challenges of their own.

If there was anytime to prove to ourselves of Blaque Falcon rising to a challenge, this was it. While exposure was initially slow for the release of our Season Three range, the months during lockdown gave me the opportunity to explore into avenues that wouldn’t have been considered under ‘normal’ circumstances.

I have always wanted to do a garment range for children for quite sometime now. So much so, that we took in orders as a beta test to check on fit, embroidery sizes etc. It’s been a success, and I’m proud to have achieved this feat in 2020 amidst all the confusion surrounding the world. We also managed to get a new line Falcon Embroidered T-Shirts and Polos that offer a much wider range embroidery colours. I’m really excited to have this available for you all.

In the literature side, I’m proud to announce that the first draft of my new book ‘Heath’ has been completed and is currently under its editing phase. The release date is pending, but I’m excited to bring you the follow up to my 1st novel DRAX out now on Amazon.

Amidst everything that’s occurred in 2020, I can only foresee more great things for us all for the years to come!

Love and Light


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