Peace...In Solitude

Peace...In Solitude

With everything that has taken place this year, I felt that a reflective post would most certainly be in order. The world has certainly been tested with a challenge or two, and I thought it be best to reflect a little on how powerful the warrior human spirit can actually be when put through an arduous circumstance. I, for one will be one of the first individuals to admit that it takes extenuating circumstances to test the strength of someone’s might and spirit – but challenges should always be sought for, and certainly nothing to shy away from.

Personally, I have been through a few tests of my own, this year forced me to handle issues that were affecting me internally from what I was experiencing externally. Earlier in the year, I had no choice but to look into myself and to explore what was pulling me down. What didn’t I like about myself? Is there something from outside that I have not seen yet? Some of us are acutely aware of the old saying of, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ and where the light at the end of the tunnel begins to show itself gracefully.

When looking internally in yourself, you not only find the flaws, but (if patient), you also discover the beauty and uniqueness in yourself as well. This is easier said than done, especially with all the distractions that we interface with every day, but with enough perseverance and focus, it is worth the effort. Administering your inner realm is like reading through your own book. You see all your past triumphs, failures, successes and traumas. What usually binds us to our past is the connection, the invisible link we have to a particular failure about ourselves and a sense of lack. This is why most us find it difficult to get past previous experience: there’s always an invisible link between the present and the past, therefore making a brighter future, near enough impossible to manifest.

A method I eventually found in overcoming your own previous pitfalls of insecurity, is being comfortable in one’s own space. Solitude is actually a space where many of us are fearful of, but I can tell you this is a place where I found plenty of liberation in. Shift your focus to what makes “you”, you. Peel the layers away from what your so-called peers think of you, colleagues, and even family, for they see you in their own way. What matters here, is what you think and feel about yourself. Your perception is what makes your reality. Picture that dream scenario of yourself with no handbrake and embrace the excitement of what is to become of you!

This was the primary core of what gave me the courage to kick start Blaque Falcon. I really wanted to have something, an invention of my own that I knew would benefit, myself and people around me, but it had to be an element that I had a natural enthusiasm for. Find this within yourself and the sweet fruit that comes shortly after.

Love and Light,


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