Stealth Wealth Dressing

Stealth Wealth Dressing

What is stealth wealth?

Those of us who have worked hard and toiled for our successes don’t feel the need to show front or posture our victories. We like to work in silence and let the success do the talking for us. Blaque Falcon has always been a staple sophistication - we take pride in having clothing that displays abundance. An unrequited form of what we like to call Stealth Wealth.

Mikel Arteta reluctantly embraces pragmatic style ahead of Man City semi -final

This is very much embodied in the Blaque Falcon form of clothing, from our hoodies, all the way to our Oxford Shirts. Quality is the staple of our company ethos, but we don’t stop there. Our literature also displays a sense of urban sophistication but anyone from the outside looking in would question how literature and fashion work hand in hand? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you may think. It’s not through the face of the branding that makes us who we are, it’s the attitude and how we encompass this via our outputs.

Rishi Sunak at home in North Yorkshire in a quarter-zipper.

The hero product that we are proud showcase is our 1/4 zipped jumper. Crafted from a prime soft cotton, our quarter zip pullover, like the rest of our garments are finished with the signature embroidered Falcon. A much more affordable investment of quality for your wardrobe, our pullover jumper offers premium comfort for office / home working. 

An adaptation to our current circumstance of flexible everyday working conditions is essential. Blaque Falcon’s approach to this is the same like all our collections through: comfort and quality. An inexpensive approach to stealth wealth dressing.

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