Sustainable Sanity

Sustainable Sanity

The subject of sustainability in modern carnations of industry has been a sensitive matter of discussion. In the real estate / construction industry, there has been a greater emphasis of implementing more energy-efficient methods of building – more so in the realm of the use of materials. In my experience, I have seen timber-frame structures being emphasized more so than steel. This is due to lessened environmental impact in the production of the material compared to steel or concrete frame buildings. Then there’s the formation of the structure itself. It is far more energy, and (in some cases) cost-efficient to utilize timber frame structures for residential buildings, as the frames themselves are typically manufactured off site and delivered.


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That’s enough construction tech for you. The point of the above example is that sustainability has worked in industries. While there’s still plenty to improve on for the construction trade, the last decade proves that it works – however what about fashion and garment manufacturing? Blaque Falcon commenced like most businesses with the greatest of intention to drive an urban, but sophisticated take on lifestyle. All of our products so far and even my novel DRAX drives this very point.



You’ll notice this through our luxury minimalist design – I personally believe in the timelessness of our products. Once you purchase one of our hoodies for example, you’d know that this is an item of ours that you can wear over and over without having to purchase from anywhere else.


The use of cotton in our garments are made by curving and diminishing the cotton strands to make an extremely fine, solid and delicate rope of cotton so they can integrated with other materials, such as polyester. This then creates a texture that lasts longer. The annoyance of your clothes changing after a few washes is less likely with this fabric – and of course it is sustainable and organic.


While I feel there is more that we can do in the long run at Blaque Falcon to make our garments even more sustainable and organic, the use of ringspun cotton is a very strong start. Much like the sustainable preference of timber frame construction, the choice of using majority cotton rather than polyester is not only an environmentally friendly option, but also a healthy and more comfortable choice Our embroidery is always made in house, so the dark sweatshop-stereotype that the fashion industry is made all to aware of doesn’t exist with Blaque Falcon.



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