Trnds x Blaque Falcon Consignment

Trnds and Blaque Falcon - A New Partnership

Fashion is a funny old industry, we believe it's driven by big corporate companies who have resources to fund marketing campaigns designed to grab your attention when viewed upon. When in reality it is the people who choose what they like and unintentionally set the trend. For a generation, street fashion was dominated by the mainstream presence. You had to see a well known celebrity / entertainer wear a brand before considering the purchase.
While the above may still be the case, let's fast forward to the digitized, social-media driven world we are in today...and Blaque Falcon. An independently owned company that takes pride in selling garments with minimalist designs while embracing culture. A method in which we like to get your attention is just this.
While our other independent street-fashion colleagues (rightly) take pride in innovative designs that instantly grab you with large prints and embroidery patterns on clothing, we radicalise by subtly showing the variety of colours we offer. This gives the license to be sophisticated and less pretentious should you so choose. Flexibility is the ultimate medium here, and this is where the sneaker-game 'kicks-in' (pun intended).
Blaque Falcon have successfully signed a consignment deal with the new sneaker store Trnds. Formerly known as "Faint Sneakers", Trnds have come in leaps and bounds since 2020 in selling exclusive footwear and clothing from already established brands. We are excited to be a part of their growth and as a reflection of this, they have recently opened up their first brick-and-mortar store in The Liberty Shopping Centre, Romford, Essex. You can find our signature hoodies and the return of our jogging bottoms as well as the re-release of our Falcon Bomber Jackets.
Find out more about Trnds here 
Stay tuned for more.
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