Goodbye 2018

Goodbye 2018

I’ve said on different occasions that 2018 was going to be a transitional one. My experience in handling the challenges of the year have been both educational and pleasurable, which can only mean progress for us as a brand and company. As 2019 and it’s hurdles draws ever closer to us, let’s run through a quick recap on 2018.



After the positive feedback we received from officially launching Blaque Falcon as a brand, I decided to take up a notch in terms of the level of products we were producing. I specifically didn’t want it to simply be seen as ‘just another street wear brand’. For 2018 I introduced a line of Polo Shirts, Casual shirts, shorts - even chino shorts. However the big success that we’ve enjoyed was the look of the Falcon Bomber Jackets. For a design standpoint, I believe what attracted new Falcon Family members was the contrasting embroidery colours against the primary colour of the jacket itself. Add that with a Men and Women’s Falcon Hoodie and you have yourself a warm, but comfortable layering of Blaque Falcon products. Perfect for the run up to winter. To all the Falcon Family members who supported us for this, I salute and thank you.


The next challenge for kicking off Season Two was its perception. As mentioned before I didn’t want it to just be another street wear brand, but I also was mindful of it being perceived as an overly masculine brand as well. The primary feedback I received back in 2017 while working on the market stalls [insert YouTube link] was the assumption that it was just for men. After constantly having to remind customers that it was very much female brand as well as a brand for Men, this is exactly what the Falcon wings also symbolise. Not only does it represent the ascension of human consciousness, it also represents the balance of power between masculine and feminine energies. I already knew this when conceiving the Blaque Falcon brand back in 2016, but the overall hurdle was the encapsulate this via the fashion and of course my books. This was the reason why we primarily used females for the season two look book. To give it that feminine edge and, looking at the results it looks like we achieved pretty fruitfully. Check out the link here where I speak directly about the Falcon symbols.


Social Media Growth

The use of social media has many layers, forms and aptitudes, that if used correctly, can be incredibly fruitful for any business depending on your goal. This was an aspect I wanted to expand on exponentially. With all the opportunity that the internet currently holds, it would’ve been foolish to not take full advantage of what this entity offers - at no extra cost. The direction I wanted to take was to not only present Blaque Falcon as a brand that represents wealth, regality and beauty, what was important was to give it an online identity. To do this, I decided to make sure there was a light-hearted feel to our online posts. So not only did you see the quality photography of our products, but you also received the odd motivational post to get the reader in gear for the tough Monday’s as well as a random humorous meme.


What’s Next?

As 2018 draws to a close, I personally notice the rapid fire of time that passes by. Everyone around you has their own agenda, goals and plans, but as each day goes, it gets more and more challenging to keep up with life’s passing motions. I myself have found it very much a challenge juggling all the complexities of life while also keeping you all up to date with Blaque Falcon news – while also pushing to find new avenues to expand our brand further to new heights. As you already know, those of us in the Falcon Family never stop expanding ourselves, no matter how complex life can be. It’s the challenge itself that forces us to keep hunting our prey with more vigour and more energy and enthusiasm. It’s never the catch, but always the journey that makes the Falcon.

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