November Notions

Posted by Ikenna Nwimo on

As 2018 draws to a close, reflecting on the progress thus far is always a prudent move to make for any entrepreneur or anyone involved in business. While it is incredibly tempting to ask, ‘where did all the time go?’, 2018 has been a transitional year of some sort for Blaque Falcon. We released our second collection of garments that successfully came with a Fashion movie as well to commemorate the launch. We also deliberately decided not peruse the environments of the local market square like we did in 2017, as the main focus for the brand’s expansion was online – for marking down a presence on the main social media networks, I believed was paramount to our success.

So far, the reception has been moderate this year, as we had less public exposure on the streets and garnered more activity online, so both aspects was to come with its pros and cons. While every business has its challenges, this is the period where the true strength of any business man/woman is tested. Some fold under pressure and some flourish, but in either case, it’s the perfect opportunity for self-analysis: how do you perform when progress seems a little slow? Do you give in and look for something else to pass the time, or do persistently search for methods of improving the service lines that you currently have for your business or project. For us at Blaque Falcon it’s of course the latter.

If you’re a part of the Falcon Family, you’ll know that delivering quality is our highest priority, and to do that, we know that it is critical to embrace the regal, but also ruthless nature of the Falcon animal. Patient, and persistent, Falcons are quiet and unassuming while hunting, but sharp and unrelenting when it finds it’s prey. For us, while we’ll continue to post on our social media pages, in the background we will endeavour to explore various avenues to expand ourselves as a brand – so be on the lookout for any news from us!