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      BF Mag — Literature

      How to do a Sequel (Properly)

      How to do a Sequel (Properly)

      We have all been there haven’t we? We watch that movie or read that book and can’t wait for the next episode in its story arc expand to another web of revelation. Reading and watching stories unfold do that to us, we inadvertently see ourselves in the characters that are portrayed, and we empathize with the struggles and challenges they go through. However, what I sometimes find with sequels though is that they can sometimes come off as languid or shall I say, mechanical. It is as if to say that the creators behind the story only produce the sequel for a cash grab, an opportunity to induce commercial gain, based on the success of the previous ‘product’.

      Before I ramble on any further, I would like to think you are catching my drift. A sequel to a story (to me) is supposed to portray an expansion and evolution to a world that we have previously explored. Does our protagonist’s story come to a tragic and sad end, or do they grow and become a completely different individual to whom you met in the previous story? What about the antagonist? There are a multitude of queries and avenues that storytellers can go with a plot and storyboard.


      At Blaque Falcon, as Falcon Family members you are all aware that we know a thing or two about producing a sequel with our fashion collections over the years. Sure, we’ve only been active for three years at this time of writing, but already we have produced three clothing collections, each with a unique expansion from its former, and I intend that we keep it that way. Not to mention the publication and release of our debut literary novel, written by yours truly. I write this to confirm that not only have I been working on our fashion lines with fresh garments, behind the scenes, I have also been working on the sequel to DRAX for a while now (years to be precise).


      If you haven’t had the experience of writing a novel – or any book for that matter, I can tell you it takes an infinite amount of patience, dedication and a relentless amount of courage to experience how far your mind can really take you. With the follow up to our debut, I knew I had to take it up a notch with where DRAX ended. Yes, a lot of questions that were raised during the story were answered (eventually), but I felt there was another level I knew I can take it with characters I created. With that being said, I have taken the bold step in choosing a protagonist that will force me to delve deeper in the expansion of the alternate universe I created. It is because of this, that I’m really excited to bring this fresh new story to you all, and I can tell you all now Falcon Family, it’s going to be a roller-coaster. It has taken me a while to do the relevant research, and to get the plot together where there are enough twists and turns to keep you hooked. Watch this space!

      Love, and Light


      Patience - The Ultimate Superpower

      Patience - The Ultimate Superpower

      Time heals all’, ‘Patience is a virtue’, ‘Time waits for no one’, these are all quotes or life lessons that we hear consistently over time that, although may sound lofty, can also be rather contradictory. Time indeed does heal, but to what extent, and what exactly do you need healing from? Yes, patience is indeed a virtue, but if we are to behave and conduct ourselves of a high moral standard, then surely an understanding of time itself must be adhered to. Of course time is always in motion, never stopping, everything in flux, but surely if there is no goal for one to aspire to, then this logically leads to limbo - albeit wasted time.

      I think I made my point in delving into some of the contradictions of taking some ‘inspirational quotes’ to heart. To my understanding, and as the blog title suggests, is that patience is a superpower. I write this not to mean that you can punch through walls or fly in mid-air kind of superpower. I’m referring to patience as a power play, a card that can be dealt as a means to obtaining your goals and win - so much so that you appear to have some kind of superpower.

      I’ve written previously on the importance of having a goal, setting targets and executing them, but the one underrated element is always the requirement of time it takes to achieve this. Most blogs or even books will go to the nth degree about the dedication it takes to reach your aspirations, but what about the time? What about the hours spent understanding the logistics of getting that a product manufactured and dealing with the feedback of it?

      This is the kind of power that I refer to, for if you can still go through the inevitable periods of frustration and still come out on top, the rewards are always fruitful. As a throwback, I refer to the writing process of producing DRAX. I’ve written previously on this very subject of dealing with the long periods of frustration. I can tell you that during my time of writing DRAX and my new top secret project that I’m working on, there were endless moments of boredom and annoyance.

      However, what assisted in perseverance of it was my focus of the end goal. It was this very focus, that drove the patience out of my naturally - without having to refer to an inspirational quote on social media. If you’re currently going through such a period now, I wish you every success - keep going!

      New Year, New [Better] You

      New Year, New [Better] You

      As the title above suggests, the New Year presents an opportunity to start afresh with possible improvements to one’s own domain. The weather isn’t the brightest (depending on where you are), and time feels to slow down a little as we move on through the first quarter of the year. We’ve all, or most of us should be aware of the term referred to as ‘20/20 Vision’, where it’s presumed that a sense of clarity us achieved – which leads me to a question that not many are comfortable with confronting. Are your goals and objectives clear for the year?

      Working in the position that I occupy, I’ve had no other choice but to be diligent and consistent with my stance on moving forward with where Blaque Falcon moves. The above question, is what I deliberately force myself to confront all the time. The consequence of not doing this causes the brand, the products and ultimately the story to stagnate and falter. Let’s look at this in another way.


      We can all agree that the natural order of the universe always has to move in one direction: forward, and without understanding this simple universal truth, you can clearly see why a lot of us go through some of the unfortunate circumstances that we endure day-to-day. In my experience, a way to combat this is clarifying your goals and objectives – conversely this doesn’t have to be at the end of the year or at the start of it. You can do it right now! An even easier question you can ask yourself is, what do you want? When we start to question, but most importantly query ourselves internally, you’ll find that your day-to-day actions become much more clearer – inevitably forming the 20/20 vision.

      So what does 2020 hold for Blaque Falcon? Well we’ve already given you a very sneaky preview of our new collection coming soon and while I’m very eager for you all to see it, I’m sure that the new products and design epitomise the forward direction that I envision us moving into.

      Blaque Falcon Season Three

      Blaque Falcon Season Three

      2019 has been a mixed year of sorts. Unlike previous years since Blaque Falcon’s inception we delivered both the Season One and Two. Both Seasons had their own identities as well as a clear voice and scope on the direction we wanted to take. Season One was simply our first foray into the fashion world with a simple, yet timeless collection of loungewear for both Men and Women. The innovative thing for us was that we used this to initiate all of our customers as honorary ‘Falconites’, thus forming our Falcon Family.

      Ever since then we’ve ridden the wave of sorts by introducing more and more new members to our family, which prompted the baseline of direction on where we were going as a family. I’ve written in length on how the significance of the Falcon symbol dating back to ancient history. I’ve also written extensively on previous posts on the release of both collections and where I felt (at the time) Blaque Falcon was going.

      While Season One put our foot through the door so to speak, Season Two guaranteed that we were certainly here to stay in the ever-evolving fashion arena. We took our initial street / loungewear approach another level by introducing our Falcon Bomber Jackets, but we also told our story through a fresh new range of Polos, Chinos and even Chino shorts (to name a few). I deliberately decided to take us in a more traditional ‘preppy’ direction as I felt that we can do that with the simple, but timeless symbol we have.

      Season Three takes Blaque Falcon continuing to lean in the same direction, but I consider this a level up, as it adds to both the loungewear and preppy ranges. For the lounge wear range we’ve upgraded our hoodies with zips to add more durability to its function. Simply another layer to its function. Extending the authentic collection, we’ve also included cardigans, wool sweatshirts and our half-zip pullovers – all to broaden The Falcon wings for years to come.

      We’ve also done an update to our Falcon Casual Shirts. I was very particular on how I wanted this product to evolve, as I wanted to keep the garments’ simplicity, but keep its very useful functionality. Casual shirts can easily be worn in anytime of the year, and we’ve even managed to produce shirts specifically for women – hence the sensitivity!

      I’m looking forward to what 2020 will bring for us as a brand and as company. Every challenge forthwith presents an opportunity for us to showcase ourselves, and we thank and welcome all comments and support.

      Onwards and upwards!