How to do a Sequel (Properly)

How to do a Sequel (Properly)

We have all been there haven’t we? We watch that movie or read that book and can’t wait for the next episode in its story arc expand to another web of revelation. Reading and watching stories unfold do that to us, we inadvertently see ourselves in the characters that are portrayed, and we empathize with the struggles and challenges they go through. However, what I sometimes find with sequels though is that they can sometimes come off as languid or shall I say, mechanical. It is as if to say that the creators behind the story only produce the sequel for a cash grab, an opportunity to induce commercial gain, based on the success of the previous ‘product’.

Before I ramble on any further, I would like to think you are catching my drift. A sequel to a story (to me) is supposed to portray an expansion and evolution to a world that we have previously explored. Does our protagonist’s story come to a tragic and sad end, or do they grow and become a completely different individual to whom you met in the previous story? What about the antagonist? There are a multitude of queries and avenues that storytellers can go with a plot and storyboard.


At Blaque Falcon, as Falcon Family members you are all aware that we know a thing or two about producing a sequel with our fashion collections over the years. Sure, we’ve only been active for three years at this time of writing, but already we have produced three clothing collections, each with a unique expansion from its former, and I intend that we keep it that way. Not to mention the publication and release of our debut literary novel, written by yours truly. I write this to confirm that not only have I been working on our fashion lines with fresh garments, behind the scenes, I have also been working on the sequel to DRAX for a while now (years to be precise).


If you haven’t had the experience of writing a novel – or any book for that matter, I can tell you it takes an infinite amount of patience, dedication and a relentless amount of courage to experience how far your mind can really take you. With the follow up to our debut, I knew I had to take it up a notch with where DRAX ended. Yes, a lot of questions that were raised during the story were answered (eventually), but I felt there was another level I knew I can take it with characters I created. With that being said, I have taken the bold step in choosing a protagonist that will force me to delve deeper in the expansion of the alternate universe I created. It is because of this, that I’m really excited to bring this fresh new story to you all, and I can tell you all now Falcon Family, it’s going to be a roller-coaster. It has taken me a while to do the relevant research, and to get the plot together where there are enough twists and turns to keep you hooked. Watch this space!

Love, and Light


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