The Falcon Polo

The Falcon Polo

Whenever you hear the word ‘Polo’ what comes to mind?  Class, sophistication maybe, or how about the actual sport played in specific parts of the world? For us, ensuring that Blaque Falcon keeps its brand ethos of simple, but timeless quality is imperative. To my perspective while the word Polo indeed derives from a sophisticated background of class and quality, I have noticed that a silent culture has actually risen from the shadows.

My intention for Blaque Falcon was to always keep the designs modest, but fitting. Sleek, but cool, and there was no other way to achieve that but by producing products that drive at that vision - while also ensuring that they fitted the user. Which can only make you want to wear it over and over again. I personally don’t like throwing old clothes out, whenever I think I need a wardrobe refresh, I check within my own garment archives and find a few gems of my own that I feel I can use again. Which is great, for many reasons. I don’t have to spend much to look and feel fresh, plus I there’s always another garment of my own I can mix and match with.

However, one of the reasons I noticed that I don’t throw a lot of clothes out was that the clothes themselves were ageless. Some of the clothes that we have in our wardrobe don’t actually age (depending on what it is of course) and this is the silent trend that I notice being driven by us all. Whilst we all enjoy that rush of getting new fashion gear delivered to our front doors, the factor that I find that stops garments from being donated to charity stores is its’ simplicity and quality. You’re unlikely to send your grandfather’s aviator shearling jacket to a local vintage store, because it is just that – it’s vintage. I’m sure you understand the point I’m driving at here.

This is the whole premise of what my intention was with Blaque Falcon, I’m telling my story with clothes and books – which is an unusual mix, but it’s a unique mix of character, nonetheless. The Falcon Polo embodies this personality in full circle with our rib-knit collar and armbands that are made to resist any stretching over time, for when you wear the garment again. Our Falcon Polo’s are also made with a Pique Cotton fabric as well that gives shirt a soft feel, but with a textured look. Finally, the Polo’s are also made with 4% elastane for that extra mobility when put on. I trust you will enjoy everything that our store has to offer.

Love and Light,


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