How to Deal with (Un) Certainty

How to Deal with (Un) Certainty

‘Uncertainty’. ‘Weird’. ‘Tough times ahead’. ‘Confusing’. These are the phrases that are being thrown around right now my humble opinion leave you scratching your head and raising your eyebrow even more. With all the events surrounding our homes, neighborhoods and the planet, I’ve actually had people ask me on my opinion on what’s going on and while I do everything I can to not resort too much on the emotion of it all, my responses and attitude has always stayed the same.

Firstly, I was humbled that I was even receiving the question in first place, as the individual who asked me mentioned the positive 'go-getter' tone on all our previous blog posts. This was great as it particularly signifies what the brand stands for. In anytime of uncertainty and confusion, sticking your chest out and handling the situation in front of you - whoever you are is the answer. My response to the reader was that the ultimate key thing was to stay focused. ALWAYS.

We should all know by now the importance of how powerful the mind is, and how it can easily sometimes be manipulated to serve both nefarious and positive aims. Therefore, I find it so important to be critical with information that you receive (even from us). It is only when you begin to critically analyse the data that your process into your consciousness do you start to see the entire political landscape for what it really is. This doesn’t mean that you completely turn off your PC or Television screen and abhor it or assume that everything that you read and hear is false. The point I’m making is that it is perfectly logical and even strategic to not take everything you see and hear at face value - i.e. not falling for the okie doke – a point I have strenuously made on previous posts.

The most constructive solution is to have a relentless abhorrence for anything that distracts you. The goal is as clear in your mind’s eye, as the predator is to its prey. Constructive tasks that get you closer to your desire will fill your heart with joy and catharsis – in any circumstance. This is the mindset of a warrior. The Falcon animal itself is a war-like creature, it thrives for the hunt and goes after its prey with no hesitation. Does it concern itself with other wildlife doing what it needs to function on earth? Does an athlete running a 100m sprint worry themselves with their opponents? No. The end goal is in sight and that is the ONLY focus. It is totally human to have compassion for those who have experienced misfortunes, and have fallen victim to appalling acts of violence, but the best way to honour them in the midst of a crisis, is to stay war-ready, while preparing your mind and body for the challenge that awaits you.


Love and light


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