The Policy of Honesty

The Policy of Honesty

The majority of us were raised with the ideal that if you were honest with what you do and say, good things should happen to you. However, as we age and get a little older we internally put this ideal to dispute. In social arenas, we are more than likely found wound up in other people’s battles and before we know it, caught in a web of secrecy and deception, depending on how far it is taken - for it is always easy to be drawn into others’ problems and issues that serve no purpose.

Conventional wisdom tells you that that being honest would make you wear the white flag, thus representing yourself as the moral individual even when contradicting emotions lie within you. In that instance, is honesty the best policy? When we look back at an experience that we judge as negative, a familiar sinking feeling may occur as whether you could have applied a little more cunning to avoid that event.

More often than not, we can find countless examples of how lies and deceit have broken up families, loving relationships, commence wars and so on, all inducing a never-ending cycle of sadness and pain everywhere.  You’ll likely find that the usual cause of all human suffering items from some form of ignorance and immaturity somewhere.

As truthful as this is, with a little gregariousness, the philosophy of honesty can be looked at in another perspective. It can always be argued that we have all experienced some form of success that was achieved with a few cunning manoeuvres here and there.

We are all tacticians in some shape or form, doing whatever we need to achieve our goals and objectives no matter how trivial or banal they may be, albeit some methods of approach more aggressive than others to reach accomplishment. Although we tend to become more reactive than proactive in our day to day battles and eventually deviate from our paths, becoming honest with yourself and your objective brings us back into focus.

It is therefore one of the highest orders of human naivety to believe that wearing your heart on your sleeve at all times will grant you awards in your pursuits. However, with an unrelenting brutal honesty with thy self, can and will prove to pay dividends in your battles in good time.

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