Friends, Romans, Countrymen...

Friends, Romans, Countrymen...

[Throwback post written from previous blog]

Most of us have had that infuriating experience of depending on an external source for satisfaction: People, money, weather etc. We continue to rely on these and become constantly frustrated by the ambivalence of these sources that then force us to perhaps see things a little differently.

The direction and principle that being self-reliant imposes on; doing things on your own, depending on yourself, taking responsibility, can seem daunting and incomprehensible, particularly if you’re comfortable and seem initially happy with your current group and position. Obtaining a supreme sense of self-reliance, is unnatural for some, simply because it is a normal human reaction to grow defensive when being attacked, i.e. being faced with a circumstance that we are not confident in overcoming. A common manoeuvre would be to blame someone else or creating excuses, to justify the failure or the lack of execution to the achieving the objective. A fundamental law to war, as in life, to a military general is that apologies, excuses and shifting the blame can never account to the objectivity of the situation. The event has happened, a decision was made and that is it, resources have been used, and time has passed, never to return again. It is all on you.

We must understand and comprehend the fact that we were brought to the world, each with our own unique experiences that come forth. See it that some cultivate their skills and talents more effectively than others, in some cases through external influences, circumstances or more than likely a mixture of both.

The ultimate reality is how much of a mystery you are to yourself. Yes you may be around people who share the same interests and activities as you but do they compliment your sense of being, or are you receiving little joy from associating with these individuals (or Automatons) rather are they heading in the same direction of you?  This is what you could be asking yourself instead of the cliché’d “are they adding value to your life” mention. To conquer nations and inevitably the world, you need allies, people who have a sense of direction themselves, but are willing to walk with you, as you both share similar principals, the same enemy.

“The points which count most in their behaviour are that they should be known to associate with seriously minded persons, of good habits, and whom everybody esteems as prudent men. For nothing indicates more plainly what a man is than the company he keeps. The man who associates with honest people deservedly acquires a good name, for it is impossible but that he be of the same kidney” Niccolo Machiavelli – The Discourses 1518

A dynamic exists for companies and corporations, where they slowly give you an opportunity to enhance your skill base but deliberately hoard information from you, whilst reaping the benefits of your efforts. It is a constant struggle to motivate and empower yourself when you open your eyes to the obligation of meeting the companies’ standards – an intensely off putting experience, particularly if you’re in a job that have no particular interest in. Most of us like to claim that we’re happy where we are, everything seems to be going ok. You endure a few rough patches, as we all do but what we don’t realise is that we constantly kept on react mode, very easily forgetting our objectives and spending time and energy on excruciatingly dull relationships.

Weeding out your Inner Circle

If you feel somewhat out of place with your current circle then you’re heading into the right direction. Pain should always be seen as your inclinations, your interests, your enthusiasm for certain activities and subjects, don’t always correspond with those supposedly close to you. Historically, we can find how initially being an outcast can be an advantage to individuals. Leonardo da Vinci in Renaissance Italy was perhaps the least likely candidate to reach to the level of skill and mastery in the arts, all because his circumstance forced him to carve himself his own trend.

Psychologically, if you intensely analyse the individuals that have come and gone in your circle, you can find that some of the associates that you have chosen compliment your dysfunction. Everyone has their insecurities of course, but those who lack awareness and vision actually attract the dysfunction on the company that they keep and when fortune goes awry, the defensive manoeuvre as mentioned would be to blame anyone else but yourself. Seeing this in a detached point of view, you could easily witness how this is one of more pathetic aspects of human nature, but it is incredibly common, especially in intense working environments.

Bite the Bullet

Developing the impetuousness to head in your own unique direction, effectively subjugating your inclinations and discovering a career path of your own, is no easy feat. Fear plays a part in our decisions more than you perhaps believe. One common fear that children endure, is the fear of being alone, being left out and not gaining any attention, which lingers over into our forays into society. Pain should always be seen as an opportunity to harness inner strength; for anything with enough persistence can and will always overcome the resistance.

As mentioned in my earlier post “Automaton”, everyone is in their own world. A method to influence people to do your bidding, would be to lead by example, with the audacity of your decisions and actions. Manipulation is always an option, but this is a dangerous game, extremely risky, with harmful violence befalling you if failed. Proceed cautiously. However this may not even have to be approached when dealing with the unpleasant notion of handling your associates, there is a substantial deal to learn at work or simply reflecting on your past experiences with no judgements.

White Collar Slave

When working for companies or corporations, in all essence they own your work, your time, effort and ideas, giving you very little room to express your creatively. This is further induced by the seductive prospects that can be presented to you. A company car, a pay-rise, whatever it may be that can tempt you to attach you to financial “security”.

In the future, this leads individuals to give themselves reasons and excuses to why they should keep enduring the unnecessary stresses of working for someone else, “I don’t get much fulfilment from this job, but it pays well and they look after me”. This is the common conservative choice, stemmed from fear. However, consider the inevitability of a Napoleon taking over your position at your workplace, and you being replaced, simply because they are younger, sharper and cheaper at the position you occupy.

Every outlet or idea that you decide to peruse must be for outright ownership. If you work for other people, see it as an opportunity for you to train yourself mentally and physically preparing yourself for the next chapter of your campaign. You are on your own. This isn’t something you should fear, it is an ideal that should be liberating and will grant you peace. You must now assume a position of deep observation. Seeing people and events as they are and never being caught up in your fairy tale dream as to how events should pan out. Your ego is shut, keeping the mind clear of preconceptions, speaking less but absorbing as much as you can from your experience.

In a world where power is now more than ever not segregated to an elite few, innovative ideas and social weirdness is now more accepted, therefore those who understand human nature always keep themselves fluid. To achieve this you must always trust and adhere to what you see for yourself, rather than believing the assumptions that voice themselves in you internal monologue.

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