The Regal Crusade

The Regal Crusade

If we observe deeply at the natural exuberance of children, we have a valid attraction to their carefree, nonchalant nature. The charming disposition of their nature makes us want to give them anything they so desire. As touched on in my earlier discourse, “The Haunting of a QLC”, as we get older, we are struck by the horror of knowing and then believing that we will not be the superstars that we dreamed of becoming in our younger years.

Our belief in this becomes so intense that it unfortunately becomes a reality, a self fulfilled prophecy when we choose careers that do not particularly inspire us. We are then left leading a double life which comprises of the following: We work and partake in activities in one life of ourselves all to only look forward to living another life during our days off work and responsibilities.

Our belief in ourselves fade into an oblivion because we do not expect much else from the world anymore, thus forcing us to apologise for our own existence and build up social masks to closet our insecurities, while continuously reflecting on past triumphs and failures. More depressingly we dwell on things that could’ve been, “if only I did this - I wish I thought of this before”.

However, those who follow a regal crusade ignore what offends them. They are patient enough to find or have already found their authentic higher self. Assume what I like to call the regal position i.e. discovering their rightful purpose. Those who are in a regal position assume a royal pose. Their end goal is so clear to them that the effects of their success can be predicted - so much so that they know when it all ends and would likely not get drunk on their success, simply due to the outward look they have on the world.

They separate themselves from others deliberately not out of arrogance, but out of their courage of being alone and the grand audaciousness of their ambitions. Effectively they are more childlike, fluid to handle any situation that crosses them while maintaining their presence of mind because their dignity doesn’t disappear when doubts, circumstances and the public’s prejudices arrive to attack them.

Becoming more childlike is not to be confused with behaving like children per se, as that would be utterly foolish, but it means being open to information and being in tune with the moment and having total awareness of your surroundings. It is one of humanities demeaning stories when we sacrifice our talents and tenaciousness to attend to the pathetic whims of modern societies criterion's and conformist traditions.

“As a being of Power, Intelligence, and Love, and the Lord of his own thoughts, man holds the key to every situation, and contains within himself that transforming and regenerative agency by which he may make himself what he wills.” – James Allen

You must not allow the easy distraction of the mass media deter you from the effervescence that the Crusade naturally brings you. Gregariousness and self-awareness will bring you back to what you naturally were attracted to as a child, bringing back your youthful vigour and enthusiasm that already exists within you. It is not your age that is slowing you down but your rigid thinking and processes, which grow harder to break over time.

Some may argue that it may too late to find your natural self and that to truly achieve the regal position, you must relinquish yourself of responsibilities, which in effect, makes the position unrealistic in whichever circumstance you are. Not so. When you have a clearer vision on yourself, understanding your strengths and flaws, even if you are currently in a field that you do not particularly enjoy, you have already embarked yourself on a Regal Crusade, because you know that your vision is much more grander than where are now.

Finally, you know now that proceeding on the Regal Crusade requires you to be constantly alert and aware. However this does not mean you lay heavy expectation on the outcome of your attempts and especially on other people, but that you carry yourself with a royal grace and confidence – worthy Kings and Queens always crown themselves.

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