Blaque Falcon collaborates with Nude Life

Blaque Falcon collaborates with Nude Life

The beauty of collaborating with like-minded people is the mutual understanding you have on your goals. Saying this, there are many benefits to opening your mind up to different types of people - regardless of what their preferred train of industry, and it’s this very mystery that makes networking well worth it.

For this summer, I came across Nude Life through a mutual professional contact. A few friendly conversations with Shirley Howes - one of the founders of Nude Life led me to find out that as well as working full time professionally, she was also working on her own venture with Nude Life. Nude Life is a London model agency that provides nude and non-nude models for artists and events, like photo-shoots, exhibitions and life drawing events. As unconventional as this was for me to even fathom, I wanted to know more about the Nude Life story. Seeing as it’s an independent brand still in its infancy being pushed by its founders, you can see where I found its correlation with Blaque Falcon.

I’m a very gregarious person, so myself and Shirley continued to talk back and forth on how business is going. We discussed at length on the challenges of running a business independently - primarily making sure the numbers added up and achieving client satisfaction. A common challenge for all businesses.

Attending one of the Nude Life events back in May, I met a few members from the team, and I was particularly impressed with the natural charisma of the models. It can’t be easy taking on such a role being a model for a nude art drawing event, but I figured if they were comfortable doing that, they must be comfortable in some Blaque Falcon garments! Check them out if you would like to apply to be a nude life model.

So, after doing some brain storming, I thought that collaborating through a street shoot would be perfect. The intention was to create a fresh set of images for not only our general portfolio, but also for our social media pages to further expand the horizon of the Blaque Falcon story. Every shot, tweet, quote, and blog post that we put out there adds to our story, and it’s through collaborations like this that make the journey worthwhile.


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