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      BF Mag — Clothing

      Fashion Week September

      Fashion Week September

      Anyone who’s had any experience in the Fashion game, whether it’s in retail, designing, blogging, or even simply modelling (for the record I’ve done all four) know that September - particularly in the U.K is a busy period. September means that we’re at the end of summer, which equals the sun rising a little later and sets earlier, and if that doesn’t tell you that winters coming, the unexpected gale force winds will. The seasons here tend to quickly come and go rather quickly but most importantly its Fashion season, which gives every would-be fashion blogger and Instagram model a chance to show off how important they are to their virtual followers – real or fake.

      It’s a different story for us here at Blaque Falcon. While we like to embrace new designs, ideas and innovations, we also like to ask the question of why things are - for if everyone was to try to be the ‘next big thing’, then the creativity would easily be boxed - thus leaving our customers with a whole load of garments that don’t work.

      This is precisely why we deliberately keep everything simple, but effective. Take our Falcon Embroidered T-Shirts for example. While this may not make waves or turn heads at next year’s Mens Fashion Week, it serves its purpose with a simple, but quality design of embroidery to ensure that you truly are wielding the regal and royal animal of The Falcon.

      Therefore, we were incredibly humbled to take part of a few smaller and independent-run fashion events for September. Firstly, we were involved with the Aeren Waters brand for their first ever Fashion Pop-Up event in Hoxton. This was headed by the incredibly brave, but ambitious Nerea Gibson. My initial contact with her was via Cherisea Giddings owner of C Model Management, who put us forward. Nerea understood and appreciated the simplistic of our garments and even purchased a few too!

      Another event that we were involved in was the E4 Fashion Show hosted by the London Borough of Waltham Forest. This was of course monumental for us as a brand, as this was our first ever fashion show and it was another fantastic opportunity to embrace the local community and push our brand forward directly to our customers. On the day it appeared that the weather did everything it could to make sure the event didn’t happen, but the gazebos did its job and the models from Waltham Forest College still ripped the runway with Blaque Falcon gear as well as others.

      As always, we’ll keep striving to push our brand forward by continuing to develop relationships with other independent brands and organisations – fashion shows and events alike. Through this we can keep the lights on in the creativity field and continue to make ourselves hungry through the process.

      Blaque Falcon Partnership with The Biographies

      Blaque Falcon Partnership with The Biographies

      Since the release of our Season Two Collection, I’ve been in a constant pursuit of other avenues to push Blaque Falcon further on the map. You may have noticed from our range of posts that we haven’t done any market stalls or pushed on any particular events as of late. We’ve done this particularly to focus our energies in building our presence online - particularly on the social media pages. So far, the decision has been a fruitful one where our follower outreach continues to expand and multiply as the months pass.

      Blaque Falcon on The Biographies' store

      One of the reasons I feel this is the case is because of our consistent diverse portrayal of ourselves online. Another reason is that we’re still very much an independent brand that prides itself on a self-sustaining model. You’ve more than likely come across this message on previous posts and even on our about us page. This foreknowledge of self-reliance and independence is one of the furores of what the Falcon emblem embodies - in that to promote the self esteem and belief in oneself to achieve positive goals.

      One of the main advantages of all of this, is the ability to not only have a direct to consumer network with our products, but also with other independent businesses. Recently we’ve been in contact with Stephanie Chosen, founder of The Biographies platform. This is an online platform that enables customers to seek out other businesses with similar intentions to build their platforms as well on a grassroots level.

      Stephanie Chosen, Founder of The Biographies

      We initially received an email from her expressing her interest in collaborating, and having seen her work and engaging her intentions, I was very interested to hear her proposals. After multiple phone conversations and emails, we’ve managed to get Blaque Falcon on The Biographies platform, which is positive step for multiple reasons. Right now, customers can interface and purchase our Season One line of clothing in the store! Be on the look out for future news on this, as time develops.

      Kicking Off Season Two!

      Kicking Off Season Two!

      2017 was the year that pretty much set the pace and tone for Blaque Falcon Clothing and Publishing. The very idea of kicking off a clothing line came to fruition following multiple brainstorms, questions, set-backs and a whole barrage of emails sent to different suppliers and merchandisers. The result was our first collection of clothing and the brand’s publication of its debut novel, Drax. The experience itself was somewhat of an education for myself. To test the market’s waters, last summer I decided to rent my own pop-up shop, and pursue a very short career as a market trader. I traded in Chingford, Brick Lane, Battersea, Tottenham, Enfield and Battersea. I took every opportunity available to receive direct feedback and involvement in getting the brand off the ground.

      With the first-hand experience and lessons learned during this in 2017, I knew that the intention for Season Two was going to be somewhat of a transitional one. I very much wanted to keep the brand’s ethos of regal sovereignty yet take the brand to a period of ascension; and to achieve this was to take Blaque Falcon to a new direction.

      Usually when companies, brands, people of influence etc. announce that they wish to take themselves in a new direction, this usually results in the audience giving a somewhat nervous sense of anticipation of what’s to come next. I’d like to think the host of YouTube videos and other exclusive behind the scenes content on social media have dispelled any sense of doubt of what’s to come for Season Two.

      Season One was, to say the least a warm-up to what we have in store for Season Two. I wanted to kick-start the brand by starting modestly – providing a simplistic, yet a quality controllable collection for both men and women. This involved a minimal line of T-Shirts, long-sleeve t-shirts, jogging bottoms and hoodies for both genders, as well as a unisex Sweatshirt. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with the majority of customers and supporters complimenting on the softness and comfort of the products – not to mention the positive reader reviews of my novel Drax. While this was all very humbling and of course exciting, this gave me a detailed enough baseline on where to take Season Two, namely keep doing what you’re doing but better.

      The Season One photoshoots all provided a very urban theme to jump-start, which clearly worked, but to introduce a fresh new outlook, I wanted to bring in a more preppy-summertime theme in. We have a collection of Unisex Casual shirts, and knitted sweatshirts, a range of Mens Chino Trousers and Shorts, Polo -shirts for both men and women as well as some crop-top shirts for women - not to mention a range of unisex Bomber Jackets.

      I have truly been blessed to work with several talented individuals to make Season Two come to fruition. It’s collaborations like these that personally confirmed to me that my entrepreneurial endeavour was very much the correct path to take. As mentioned on previous posts, the Falcon symbolises the visionary power necessary to achieve one’s goal, thus achieving spiritual sovereignty. We as Falconites and Falconettes elevate ourselves to see beyond the horizon, and when necessary, we swoop in for our prey with no permission while also eliminating all distractions en route.

      Ikenna Nwimo

      Blaque Falcon Pop-Up

      Hoe Street Walthamstow Pop-Up Store

      Yet another great day of forward progress for Blaque Falcon, as we launched our temporary first-ever Pop-Up Store in Hoe Street Central, Walthamstow.

      The store was of course headed by my perennial start-up Clothing and Publishing brand, but was also complimented with other independent brands such as, Bold Stitch Handmade; a bespoke fashion brand of African attire, all handmade and printed for Men, Women and Children. Myself, Olivia Cookson (IG: @oliviacookson_) star of the Blaque Falcon Season One shoot and her sister Lucy Cookson (IG: @lucycooksonuno) even managed to model some of the garments for the fashion line as well, so be on the lookout for those shots.

      This was all complimented by the ‘Europe from Space’ range of artwork by ink and bleach graphic artist, Laura Melissa Williams. Specifically for the occasion she managed to produce a ‘Falcon Moon’ piece, showing the Blaque Falcon flying around the midnight moon. Aesthetically pleasing to say the least!

      The vastly growing bakery and catering service, Cake Bar catered for the whole Pop-Up, which proved to be the icing on the cake of the occasion (pun intended). Guests were served with a prestigious array of finger foods and other assortments but were graced with a Blaque Falcon branded cake.

      The main intention of occupying the whole space, was yet another chance to grow the brand and promote the quality of my first line of Clothing and the release of my debut novel Drax. I also received a whole new set of ideas for new Children line, so watch this space…

      A massive thank you to all those who attended, onwards and upwards!

      Blaque Falcon Season One Photoshoots

      Blaque Falcon Season One Photoshoots

      Lights. Cameras…and we lifted off to action! The first ever Blaque Falcon Season One shoot kicked off on Saturday 20th May at RiDa Studios in Shoreditch, East London. Despite the weather troubles, the shoot was an overwhelming success. Looking at the result of the look book brochure, you wouldn’t think that some of the models were inexperienced! The shoot itself, was shot in two parts: E-commerce and Look Book. These were shot by up coming creative photographers Declan Mckenna (who also modelled) and Jack Lindengray.

      The E-Commerce was shot in a simple white background of the studio itself. These are the shots that you see in the product areas of the website. The Look Book was shot by the main cobbled road on Blossom Street, just outside the studio. Rain befell us a little bit, so we had an intermission to let the rain die down and we simply carried on. You’ll find on some of the shots that we utilised the grey-industrial style of the area, to authentically show the brick and mortar atmosphere of East London.

      The second shoot was taken in a new foreign land to me – Frankfurt, Germany. I travelled to the city of Mainz to shoot the second part of Season one with Ricardo Sorzano, another up and coming creative, with plenty of ambition and drive. You certainly see the contrast of the photography with both shoots. Firstly in Mainz the weather was a major improvement and of course a different set of models too, so other than visiting a new country, and exploring new land, we managed to create a variety shots altogether to contrast the environments to show where the Blaque Falcon Clothing Season One clothing line can be utilised in.

      This was what I initially envisioned for the first season of clothing: keep it simple, but sweet. Show the audience that the origins of the brand started from the street, no matter what country you’re in or culture you’ve embraced. You can say that it’s a street brand, and it is precisely that, but you can also tell that there’s also plenty of potential for an aggressive expansion.

       You can find the behind the scenes video footage of both shoots here.