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      BF Mag

      Blaque Falcon Introduces......The Oxford Shirt

      Blaque Falcon Introduces......The Oxford Shirt

      Oxford Shirts are a clothing item that I’ve always wanted to include in overall clothing collection ever since I started. Establishing that smart-casual look requires you to have items in your wardrobe that are comfortable, sleek, but not too assuming. The good news here is that style-wise, that’s the direction we’ve always gone and it’s the route I’ve always wanted us to head in. Simple and Timeless.

      We initially had a line of Unisex Casual shirts that certainly fit the bill for the Season Two collection we had, but it didn’t tick my box in terms of quality. There were (and still are) 100% combed cotton, but I like to have our garments be somewhat unique to the you when you put them on, and with this garment it was difficult to achieve that with its Unisex durability.

      So for our third collection we are (re) introducing our Falcon Oxford Shirts. Our Ladies Oxford shirts still offer the uniqueness of the Blaque Falcon quality by being manufactured in 100% combed cotton, is its feminine styled appearance that compliments the female falcon wearer. Both the ladies and mens oxford shirts are versatile and easy to wear. You can easily mix this garment with a pair of jeans or other items to achieve that smart or very casual look. The choice is yours!

      Blaque Falcon Introduces...Knitwear Additions

      Blaque Falcon Introduces...Knitwear Additions

      There isn’t a better time for knitwear items to be exuded than during these winter months. This is the period where simplicity and comfort is needed all the more and there isn’t much time to dwell on finding the right outfit. You just want something that’s comfortable and works.

      Our first season collection boasted of the Falcon Embroidered and printed hoodies which immediately signified our brand identity. We consistently get positive feedback on its comfort, durability and its timeless quality which was my initial intention moving ahead with Blaque Falcon. This was further cemented by our Unisex Sweatshirts which provided the exact same function, but I personally consider it a great garment to have for prime home leisure.

      Season Two included the Falcon Knitted Sweatshirt, which introduced our foray into the knitwear spectrum. Season Three however takes our knitwear game to another dimension. This year we introduce our first ever line of cardigans – each embroidered with the royal golden-brown emblem of The Falcon. I’m very excited about bringing out this garment, as a cardigan can very easily be used to support layering for formal wear, or it can also support any casual occasion you may be in.

      Our Season Three collection is further complimented by our Half-Zip Pullovers, which can provide a simple and comfortable addition to your wardrobe. We also finally have our fresh new line of sweatshirts that are made with 100% lambswool. Difficult to go wrong with any of the above as they are simply quality extensions to the Blaque Falcon story.  

      New Year, New [Better] You

      New Year, New [Better] You

      As the title above suggests, the New Year presents an opportunity to start afresh with possible improvements to one’s own domain. The weather isn’t the brightest (depending on where you are), and time feels to slow down a little as we move on through the first quarter of the year. We’ve all, or most of us should be aware of the term referred to as ‘20/20 Vision’, where it’s presumed that a sense of clarity us achieved – which leads me to a question that not many are comfortable with confronting. Are your goals and objectives clear for the year?

      Working in the position that I occupy, I’ve had no other choice but to be diligent and consistent with my stance on moving forward with where Blaque Falcon moves. The above question, is what I deliberately force myself to confront all the time. The consequence of not doing this causes the brand, the products and ultimately the story to stagnate and falter. Let’s look at this in another way.


      We can all agree that the natural order of the universe always has to move in one direction: forward, and without understanding this simple universal truth, you can clearly see why a lot of us go through some of the unfortunate circumstances that we endure day-to-day. In my experience, a way to combat this is clarifying your goals and objectives – conversely this doesn’t have to be at the end of the year or at the start of it. You can do it right now! An even easier question you can ask yourself is, what do you want? When we start to question, but most importantly query ourselves internally, you’ll find that your day-to-day actions become much more clearer – inevitably forming the 20/20 vision.

      So what does 2020 hold for Blaque Falcon? Well we’ve already given you a very sneaky preview of our new collection coming soon and while I’m very eager for you all to see it, I’m sure that the new products and design epitomise the forward direction that I envision us moving into.

      Blaque Falcon Season Three

      Blaque Falcon Season Three

      2019 has been a mixed year of sorts. Unlike previous years since Blaque Falcon’s inception we delivered both the Season One and Two. Both Seasons had their own identities as well as a clear voice and scope on the direction we wanted to take. Season One was simply our first foray into the fashion world with a simple, yet timeless collection of loungewear for both Men and Women. The innovative thing for us was that we used this to initiate all of our customers as honorary ‘Falconites’, thus forming our Falcon Family.

      Ever since then we’ve ridden the wave of sorts by introducing more and more new members to our family, which prompted the baseline of direction on where we were going as a family. I’ve written in length on how the significance of the Falcon symbol dating back to ancient history. I’ve also written extensively on previous posts on the release of both collections and where I felt (at the time) Blaque Falcon was going.

      While Season One put our foot through the door so to speak, Season Two guaranteed that we were certainly here to stay in the ever-evolving fashion arena. We took our initial street / loungewear approach another level by introducing our Falcon Bomber Jackets, but we also told our story through a fresh new range of Polos, Chinos and even Chino shorts (to name a few). I deliberately decided to take us in a more traditional ‘preppy’ direction as I felt that we can do that with the simple, but timeless symbol we have.

      Season Three takes Blaque Falcon continuing to lean in the same direction, but I consider this a level up, as it adds to both the loungewear and preppy ranges. For the lounge wear range we’ve upgraded our hoodies with zips to add more durability to its function. Simply another layer to its function. Extending the authentic collection, we’ve also included cardigans, wool sweatshirts and our half-zip pullovers – all to broaden The Falcon wings for years to come.

      We’ve also done an update to our Falcon Casual Shirts. I was very particular on how I wanted this product to evolve, as I wanted to keep the garments’ simplicity, but keep its very useful functionality. Casual shirts can easily be worn in anytime of the year, and we’ve even managed to produce shirts specifically for women – hence the sensitivity!

      I’m looking forward to what 2020 will bring for us as a brand and as company. Every challenge forthwith presents an opportunity for us to showcase ourselves, and we thank and welcome all comments and support.

      Onwards and upwards!



      As everyone’s actions are governed by their own self-interest, we are all locked in our own narcissistic castle. We then inevitably assume that when we communicate with others, they see and understand our perspective exactly the way we see it without realising we are just enforcing our emotions onto them. A misconception that we may have would be the natural tendency to conformity.  This is rooted over a variety of factors; a need to make friends out of a fear of being left out and not fitting in, listening, believing and inevitably taking part in gossip told by others, and/or doing certain activities that your peer group like to do. All of which give us a feeling of emptiness, coming from a common insecurity that is present in a weak ego.

      It of course feels safe to do the same things as other people, because if everyone in your peer group is doing it then surely it must work for you. I would sadly like to call this as being an Automaton. This requires you to look at the world with a somewhat mechanical eye; you feel it is too dangerous being a Maverick to some degree, because you know you’ll more than likely be ridiculed for approaching your life more differently than others and that if you are going to reach a certain echelon of success, it’ll come through sheer coincidence while languidly waiting for what life brings to the table.


      “The automaton is the mortal being, physical, emotional, and mental. When the mental faculties become developed, the innate or instinctive consciousness is usually put to sleep, and ceases to be perceptible by its owner; in that case he is controlled by the working of his organic functions and by the nervous, emotional, and cerebral reactions which their appetites provoke. The creature is an Automaton because it is controlled by the mutual reactions of its parts and by the exterior influences, which act upon it at every moment of its existence – influences such as country, family relatives, laws customs and many others” I.S De Lubicz – The Opening of the Way

      The material realm of the planet underhandedly pushes us up to constantly seek for security, and we see the unfortunate consequences of not embracing the risks, i.e. not seeking that well paid job or conservatively becoming miserly with our ideals. When we eventually meet someone who seems a little bit unconventional, we are quick to judge that person as weird, out of touch - even arrogant to an extent.

      A way to combat this natural tendency to seek and gain approval from others is to have a brutal and honest look into yourself. A method to achieving this is seeing you through the eyes as someone else, essentially detaching yourself from your knowledge and past. As poetic and clichéd as it may sound, ALL human beings are essentially unique. Our successes, failures and essentially our general experiences are unique to us individually. What is it about you that separate you from other people? Which activities were you naturally attracted to as a child before you were initiated into the conformist realm that we are in today?


      When we begin to search on the answers to the questions above, we begin to embark on a journey of solving our own personal riddle. We can then initiate battle with the slavish, banal tendencies that society foists upon us and set ourselves up for our ultimate freedom through self-creation.

      What we like to define as real are only perceptions that have been created by our immediate environment, based on the agreements that have already been made with the individual, the food and media consumed, the people we like to associate with and our daily actions and motivations. If these factors are however perverted and co-opted, by members of a dominant society, then a composite reality has been created. The individual’s everyday choices are therefore not their own, the agreements made are based on someone else’s reality – thus putting the individual in a somewhat child-like position. Overall, we can liken the actions of being an Automaton to a social conformist. At present, we can now ascertain that the modern day conformist is not one who is in control of his or her own reality.