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  • Dominance of M.I.N.D.

    Dominance of M.I.N.D.

    Dominance of M.I.N.D How important is our mind? What is destiny? As much as I really don’t wish to over indulge your attention with anything too fanciful or esoteric, these are questions I don’t believe enough of us ask ourselves....

  • Freedom through Self-Discipline

    Freedom through Self-Discipline

    Constantly reminding yourself why you do what you do - be it to improve your present circumstances, or simply a change of fortune, is a logical incentive to push for self-imposed discipline.
  • Ahead of the Game

    Ahead of the Game

    A common question that's asked of anyone whenever a height of success that is reached is usually that of 'what's next?'. Immediately a shred of doubt peels through, as we all understand the common pressure and expectation of creating something...

  • 2020: A Look Back to the Future

    2020: A Look Back to the Future

    While I can very much jump on to the complexities of the year events, I’d rather focus on the year’s achievements, and end our final Blaque Falcon magazine entry post on a high positive note. We all know how much...

  • Peace...In Solitude

    Peace...In Solitude

    With everything that has taken place this year, I felt that a reflective post would most certainly be in order. The world has certainly been tested with a challenge or two, and I thought it be best to reflect a...