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      BF Mag

      Bryanda Notes meets Blaque Falcon

      Bryanda Notes meets Blaque Falcon

      During the middle of October 2017, Blaque Falcon held its very first Pop-Up store in Walthamstow, East London. The shop itself had many guests, (check out the YouTube video here) but not many more established than the lovely Bryanda Notes.

      The relationship began from some simple social media networking. When she expressed the idea of having shots done of her visit in the city of London for her Bryanda Notes platform, I knew just the photographer who would be available to get the job done.

      Iyanka Cooray (Framed Fantasies) immediately came to mind due to my previous experience with him on previous shoots. We both had worked together while I was working on my Luciano’s World blog, a few years back and I thought he captured the London surroundings around me rather elegantly. I believed this would be perfect for a new guest to the city, so I made the initial contact with him to get this done.

      Bryanda flew in from her hometown of Virginia, U.S.A to give us Londoners a visit to meet with myself and the Blaque Falcon brand first-hand, but primarily to provide project support for the Dr. Boyce Watkins Economic Empowerment event that took place in North London. The event itself was an extreme success for Blaque Falcon, as this was an ample opportunity to market and also network with those in the conscious ‘Blaque’ community. An occasion that was well worth the time and effort!

      To add to this, the shoot itself was an enormous success, with Bryanda certainly flaunting her stuff and looked effortlessly comfortable (all pink) infront of Iyanka’s camera. This all followed by a trip to the Blaque Falcon Pop-Up store, in which Bryanda gave an interview to myself regarding Blaque Falcon’s Season One Clothing Line and my debut Novel DRAX.

      We are all very grateful for Bryanda and her team’s effort in coming down to the U.K. and we certainly look forward to seeing them all in the very near future!

      You can find more on Bryanda and her platform here

      You can also find more on Iyanka Cooray’s photography here 

      Blaque Falcon Pop-Up

      Hoe Street Walthamstow Pop-Up Store

      Yet another great day of forward progress for Blaque Falcon, as we launched our temporary first-ever Pop-Up Store in Hoe Street Central, Walthamstow.

      The store was of course headed by my perennial start-up Clothing and Publishing brand, but was also complimented with other independent brands such as, Bold Stitch Handmade; a bespoke fashion brand of African attire, all handmade and printed for Men, Women and Children. Myself, Olivia Cookson (IG: @oliviacookson_) star of the Blaque Falcon Season One shoot and her sister Lucy Cookson (IG: @lucycooksonuno) even managed to model some of the garments for the fashion line as well, so be on the lookout for those shots.

      This was all complimented by the ‘Europe from Space’ range of artwork by ink and bleach graphic artist, Laura Melissa Williams. Specifically for the occasion she managed to produce a ‘Falcon Moon’ piece, showing the Blaque Falcon flying around the midnight moon. Aesthetically pleasing to say the least!

      The vastly growing bakery and catering service, Cake Bar catered for the whole Pop-Up, which proved to be the icing on the cake of the occasion (pun intended). Guests were served with a prestigious array of finger foods and other assortments but were graced with a Blaque Falcon branded cake.

      The main intention of occupying the whole space, was yet another chance to grow the brand and promote the quality of my first line of Clothing and the release of my debut novel Drax. I also received a whole new set of ideas for new Children line, so watch this space…

      A massive thank you to all those who attended, onwards and upwards!

      Launch Lunch

      Launch Lunch

      On August 12th 2017, Blaque Falcon decided to throw a launch party to commemorate the publication of Drax and the release of the Season One Fashion Collection. This was held in another start-up Fashion Boutique, Natural Law, who were kind and thoughtful enough to allow us to use their backyard terrace area for the event. It was a laid-back gathering, which was the initial intention of the event itself. Up and coming DJ Karlos Onwere (K.O) provided the musical entertainment and the whole afternoon was complimented by an assortment of drinks and good homemade food organised and prepared by yours truly and the lovely Vanessa John-Baptiste, who also happens to be one of the stars of the look book.

      You can check the video of the event here

      Publication of Drax

      Publication of Drax

      1st June 2017. Drax is finally published! Yes, my first-ever novel is finally out and self-published on the biggest library in the e-commerce platform, Amazon. Honestly speaking, to celebrate I haven’t gone out and popped the Champagne in the club. That’s not how I really like to get-down, as I know that the resources spent on “ballin’ in the club” could just as well be spent on something more constructive. I’ll speak a little bit on the book below, but before you head down there, I’d like to ensure you that this is only the beginning. Most outlets and articles may tell you that you need to partake in a creative writing course and obtain this qualification, go for this and go for that, but I did neither. I felt I had a story in me and I went out and did it. No questions asked. Shoot first, ask questions later. I simply just jumped over to the unknown. What I have created so far is pretty much the epitome of what Blaque Falcon is really all about.

      I believe that there is a new paradigm that is shifting the course of society as we speak. There was a time when writers and creatives needed to have a so called ‘middle-man’ to assist in marketing and distribution of products and services, but with the rapid rise of the internet, the world has become much more smaller and easier to network with one another. I also believe that nearly everything out in the material world has to do with the right time/season. With the current uncertainty in the economy and the gung-ho, child-like behaviour from our political leaders, the premise of Drax was to produce a story that epitomises the continual stasis of class within the fragile layers in western society.

      The main protagonist that is introduced to the reader as an everyday 23-year-old male graduate called Luke, who has supposedly everything that any millennial could wish for. He’s clearly uninspired by the mundane activities of a 9-5 job. However, as he gets embroiled with the wrong characters, he’s automatically forced to change his perspective on life, morals and his principals. He begins to see past the illusory systems of society as he embarks on his journey to payback his gambling debt, while reassessing his relationships. The story itself stems from my own personal experiences growing up (minus the crime element of course!), mixed in with the wild imagination I had while constructing the relationships between each of the characters on Luke’s journey. I find that the most engaging stories are the ones where the audience grows with the protagonist. Most of it is written in the first person, so you’ll essentially find yourself in the mind of a twenty something year-old male growing through his journey.

      It is through his journey, that I believe will resonate with readers of all ages and backgrounds. Most of us eventually realize that there are more important issues to worry about in life other than the immediate pleasures that we see (social media, material items etc.). It’s through this understanding (whether we choose to or not) that we know that the structures of the world around us are fragile.

      I hope you enjoy it, you can get your own copy of Drax here.

      Blaque Falcon Season One Photoshoots

      Blaque Falcon Season One Photoshoots

      Lights. Cameras…and we lifted off to action! The first ever Blaque Falcon Season One shoot kicked off on Saturday 20th May at RiDa Studios in Shoreditch, East London. Despite the weather troubles, the shoot was an overwhelming success. Looking at the result of the look book brochure, you wouldn’t think that some of the models were inexperienced! The shoot itself, was shot in two parts: E-commerce and Look Book. These were shot by up coming creative photographers Declan Mckenna (who also modelled) and Jack Lindengray.

      The E-Commerce was shot in a simple white background of the studio itself. These are the shots that you see in the product areas of the website. The Look Book was shot by the main cobbled road on Blossom Street, just outside the studio. Rain befell us a little bit, so we had an intermission to let the rain die down and we simply carried on. You’ll find on some of the shots that we utilised the grey-industrial style of the area, to authentically show the brick and mortar atmosphere of East London.

      The second shoot was taken in a new foreign land to me – Frankfurt, Germany. I travelled to the city of Mainz to shoot the second part of Season one with Ricardo Sorzano, another up and coming creative, with plenty of ambition and drive. You certainly see the contrast of the photography with both shoots. Firstly in Mainz the weather was a major improvement and of course a different set of models too, so other than visiting a new country, and exploring new land, we managed to create a variety shots altogether to contrast the environments to show where the Blaque Falcon Clothing Season One clothing line can be utilised in.

      This was what I initially envisioned for the first season of clothing: keep it simple, but sweet. Show the audience that the origins of the brand started from the street, no matter what country you’re in or culture you’ve embraced. You can say that it’s a street brand, and it is precisely that, but you can also tell that there’s also plenty of potential for an aggressive expansion.

       You can find the behind the scenes video footage of both shoots here.