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      Blaque Falcon Partnership with The Biographies

      Blaque Falcon Partnership with The Biographies

      Since the release of our Season Two Collection, I’ve been in a constant pursuit of other avenues to push Blaque Falcon further on the map. You may have noticed from our range of posts that we haven’t done any market stalls or pushed on any particular events as of late. We’ve done this particularly to focus our energies in building our presence online - particularly on the social media pages. So far, the decision has been a fruitful one where our follower outreach continues to expand and multiply as the months pass.

      Blaque Falcon on The Biographies' store

      One of the reasons I feel this is the case is because of our consistent diverse portrayal of ourselves online. Another reason is that we’re still very much an independent brand that prides itself on a self-sustaining model. You’ve more than likely come across this message on previous posts and even on our about us page. This foreknowledge of self-reliance and independence is one of the furores of what the Falcon emblem embodies - in that to promote the self esteem and belief in oneself to achieve positive goals.

      One of the main advantages of all of this, is the ability to not only have a direct to consumer network with our products, but also with other independent businesses. Recently we’ve been in contact with Stephanie Chosen, founder of The Biographies platform. This is an online platform that enables customers to seek out other businesses with similar intentions to build their platforms as well on a grassroots level.

      Stephanie Chosen, Founder of The Biographies

      We initially received an email from her expressing her interest in collaborating, and having seen her work and engaging her intentions, I was very interested to hear her proposals. After multiple phone conversations and emails, we’ve managed to get Blaque Falcon on The Biographies platform, which is positive step for multiple reasons. Right now, customers can interface and purchase our Season One line of clothing in the store! Be on the look out for future news on this, as time develops.

      Kicking Off Season Two!

      Kicking Off Season Two!

      2017 was the year that pretty much set the pace and tone for Blaque Falcon Clothing and Publishing. The very idea of kicking off a clothing line came to fruition following multiple brainstorms, questions, set-backs and a whole barrage of emails sent to different suppliers and merchandisers. The result was our first collection of clothing and the brand’s publication of its debut novel, Drax. The experience itself was somewhat of an education for myself. To test the market’s waters, last summer I decided to rent my own pop-up shop, and pursue a very short career as a market trader. I traded in Chingford, Brick Lane, Battersea, Tottenham, Enfield and Battersea. I took every opportunity available to receive direct feedback and involvement in getting the brand off the ground.

      With the first-hand experience and lessons learned during this in 2017, I knew that the intention for Season Two was going to be somewhat of a transitional one. I very much wanted to keep the brand’s ethos of regal sovereignty yet take the brand to a period of ascension; and to achieve this was to take Blaque Falcon to a new direction.

      Usually when companies, brands, people of influence etc. announce that they wish to take themselves in a new direction, this usually results in the audience giving a somewhat nervous sense of anticipation of what’s to come next. I’d like to think the host of YouTube videos and other exclusive behind the scenes content on social media have dispelled any sense of doubt of what’s to come for Season Two.

      Season One was, to say the least a warm-up to what we have in store for Season Two. I wanted to kick-start the brand by starting modestly – providing a simplistic, yet a quality controllable collection for both men and women. This involved a minimal line of T-Shirts, long-sleeve t-shirts, jogging bottoms and hoodies for both genders, as well as a unisex Sweatshirt. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with the majority of customers and supporters complimenting on the softness and comfort of the products – not to mention the positive reader reviews of my novel Drax. While this was all very humbling and of course exciting, this gave me a detailed enough baseline on where to take Season Two, namely keep doing what you’re doing but better.

      The Season One photoshoots all provided a very urban theme to jump-start, which clearly worked, but to introduce a fresh new outlook, I wanted to bring in a more preppy-summertime theme in. We have a collection of Unisex Casual shirts, and knitted sweatshirts, a range of Mens Chino Trousers and Shorts, Polo -shirts for both men and women as well as some crop-top shirts for women - not to mention a range of unisex Bomber Jackets.

      I have truly been blessed to work with several talented individuals to make Season Two come to fruition. It’s collaborations like these that personally confirmed to me that my entrepreneurial endeavour was very much the correct path to take. As mentioned on previous posts, the Falcon symbolises the visionary power necessary to achieve one’s goal, thus achieving spiritual sovereignty. We as Falconites and Falconettes elevate ourselves to see beyond the horizon, and when necessary, we swoop in for our prey with no permission while also eliminating all distractions en route.

      Ikenna Nwimo

      Season Two Collection Fashion/Video Shoot

      Season Two Collection Fashion/Video Shoot

      Last weekend I had the pleasure of working alongside a super collaborative team, putting together a shoot for the emerging clothing brand, Blaque Falcon. Although, on this occasion I wasn’t the Stylist, I was the ‘Fashion Journalist’. This role meant I got to take backstage photographs and do a general write up of the day… yes, it was right up my street!


      The opportunity came about simply through social networking. Founder, Ikenna Nwimo, got in touch with me via my website (http://www.christellebaxter.com), which is linked into my Instagram bio. My site is mainly focused on showcasing my fashion styling portfolio, with a blog alongside. By “blog” I just mean me chatting away in a diary style, pretending the entire Internet can’t see it! I am one who writes and photographs as a hobby, just to let ideas and thoughts out. Therefore, it is not something I do regularly, nor do I think highly of my posts/ promote them. However, to have my blogging recognised and referred to as “talent” by Ikenna, came as a really pleasant surprise.

      Blaque Falcon as a brand is really strong. I’ve used the word “strong” because there is so much meaning and drive behind it, from past to present, unlike any brand I’m aware of.


      The shoot was presenting Season 2 clothing, a huge and exciting leap forward for the brand. There is really distinctive growth from Season 1, with movement from Women’s T-shirts and tops into crop tops, Mens sweats and T-shirts into polos and shirts (all being unisex by the way). Oh and, outerwear is out! Bombers of three colours, chinos, you name it. Blaque Falcon has got it!

      I think the unisex factor makes the brand extremely unique, also experimenting with both smart and casual…why not? It’s reaching out to a seriously wide audience through these smart decisions and I’m ready to watch the brand completely take off.



      To ensure the Season 2 line was promoting it’s hype and new intentions to the target audience, both a photoshoot and fashion film was put together for this one day.
      Below we have the team, which can I add was extremely enthusiastic:
      Ikenna Nwimo:
      Blaque Falcon founder & Model
      Jason Bent:
      Founder of Simply Xclusive Entertainment & SheSoSXE Model Agency
      Director of shoot
      Adrianne Derizzio- Palmer:
      SXE Photographer
      Jennifer Augusto:
      Cess, Deisy Andriesse, Marie- Louise
      Models (SheSoSXE agency)
      Sallie Jayne
      W Model Management
      Fashion Journalist

      Something that really stood out to me and was pretty special from the entire day was how fun each team member was. Everybody wanted to be there, everyone was genuinely enjoying him or herself and was fully engaged.

      Being a Stylist, I have attended many shoots and don’t get me wrong; they have all been successful for different reasons. However, the unique element of this shoot was the fact that everyone was happy to be helping each other, positive, energetic and incredibly organised overall. For example, it was great to see each model really confidently wearing their Blaque Falcon outfits, something that will definitely be reflected in the outcomes. It’s teams like this that provide the best support for each other.


      The location for this shoot was ideal. It’s always good to know plenty of studios from my perspective. We shot in Brixton, in an open, perfect sized studio that was incredibly well equipped and well kept. Pretty much everything needed was provided, allowing the day to continue running smooth.

      Sadly I could not attend the fashion film part of the day, which was carried out in the nearby park. However, the way the day was running, I have no doubt the atmosphere continued to be incredibly lively. I cannot wait to see all he outcomes, especially after seeing it all put together. I hope if you’re reading this that you’re just as excited!

      Please continue to scroll for more behind the scenes photos…






      Goodbye 2017!

      Goodbye 2017!

      Falconites and Falconettes, what a year 2017 has been introducing Blaque Falcon to the world! Those of you that have been with us from the beginning understand that the brand’s original and current conception was based on the premise of questioning the apparent reality around us and introducing a new form of thinking. As some of you know, there is a new paradigm shift that is very much on its way to the most efficient method and for us to get through this, is to continue the process of questioning the apparent. This would of course require a sense of boldness and audacity, but that is what makes you part of the family – hence the inception of the hashtags #NewRules and #JoinTheFamily.

      When we begin to deconstruct the apparent and reconstruct our own realities, we can then apply our own rules to the internal kingdom that we maintain. So when you purchase a T-Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt or Jogging Bottom or even buy and read a copy of DRAX from Blaque Falcon, you have just initiated yourself to Falcon-ite/ette status. This means that you have completed forgotten about the self-limiting fabric that’s holding you back and confirmed to yourself that you’re ready for a whole new adventure. This takes us to our slogan, #BlaqueistheNewBlack.

      When we start expanding our vocabulary in our journeys we are now free to start re-wording some of the words that were taught to us at a young age. The term ‘Blaque’ for example, doesn’t necessarily mean the colour black, it was re-spelt as a method to force the seeker to immediately think in an alternative fashion – and the best part about it is, this is where it gets fun, for anyone can partake in reworking our descriptions of our present reality!

      2017 was a successful but educational year. While our first year in business was a profitable one, plenty of lessons were learnt too, who knows what awaits us for 2018…

      Ikenna Nwimo


      Bryanda Notes meets Blaque Falcon

      Bryanda Notes meets Blaque Falcon

      During the middle of October 2017, Blaque Falcon held its very first Pop-Up store in Walthamstow, East London. The shop itself had many guests, (check out the YouTube video here) but not many more established than the lovely Bryanda Notes.

      The relationship began from some simple social media networking. When she expressed the idea of having shots done of her visit in the city of London for her Bryanda Notes platform, I knew just the photographer who would be available to get the job done.

      Iyanka Cooray (Framed Fantasies) immediately came to mind due to my previous experience with him on previous shoots. We both had worked together while I was working on my Luciano’s World blog, a few years back and I thought he captured the London surroundings around me rather elegantly. I believed this would be perfect for a new guest to the city, so I made the initial contact with him to get this done.

      Bryanda flew in from her hometown of Virginia, U.S.A to give us Londoners a visit to meet with myself and the Blaque Falcon brand first-hand, but primarily to provide project support for the Dr. Boyce Watkins Economic Empowerment event that took place in North London. The event itself was an extreme success for Blaque Falcon, as this was an ample opportunity to market and also network with those in the conscious ‘Blaque’ community. An occasion that was well worth the time and effort!

      To add to this, the shoot itself was an enormous success, with Bryanda certainly flaunting her stuff and looked effortlessly comfortable (all pink) infront of Iyanka’s camera. This all followed by a trip to the Blaque Falcon Pop-Up store, in which Bryanda gave an interview to myself regarding Blaque Falcon’s Season One Clothing Line and my debut Novel DRAX.

      We are all very grateful for Bryanda and her team’s effort in coming down to the U.K. and we certainly look forward to seeing them all in the very near future!

      You can find more on Bryanda and her platform here

      You can also find more on Iyanka Cooray’s photography here